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Construction MANAGEMENT

Through many years of experience inside and outside Denmark, Gormsen Vu Consulting has gained extensive experience in construction management. Detail planning of  Shut Downs, hereby defining demolising and  assembly principles for complicated projects are among the firm’s specialties.

This discipline requires multidisciplinary knowledge, and it is precisely in these planning tasks that the company’s experience with in design work can be used.  Often the customer wants their process plant modified while running production. This type of task requires extra detailed planning.

Our five focus areas

When Gormsen Vu Consulting performs construction management, the below areas will be pride of place. Something that always takes priority before anything else is safety at the construction site.

Constructability plans

Optimization of the construction activities is often carried out in a constructability plan. Gormsen Vu Consulting has many years of experience in this discipline, and is an expert in the preparation of constructability plans for time-critical projects. If a process plant is rebuild with ongoing production, detail planning of the installation activities is an absolute must to secure a success full project.

Site layouts

If a construction site shall function optimally, it is important that the site layout is carefully considered. Among other things, it must be determined where safety equipment shall be used, the location of the welfare facilities and the area for sorting waste must be considered and placed as best as possible in relation to the construction site’s operation.

safety manager

Jens Gormsen Vu has completed the training as occupational health and safety coordinator, and enjoy to be the responsible safety manager on larger construction sites. Gormsen Vu Consulting has many years of experience with occupational health and safety coordinator tasks which is executed during the design- and installation phase.