CV for Jens Gormsen Vu

Year of birth: 1970
Civil status: Married, same partner through 28 years. Have a 20-year-old girl and a 12-year-old daughter.
Current Position: Project manager
Education: Engineer technician
Languages: Danish, English, German
Leisure interest: Long-distance running
Key Qualifications
Mechanical engineer with more than 20 years experience performing mechanical engineering and piping design. Experience within Civil work as well. Have a detailed knowledge within project management and construction management.

Significant experience

Owner – Consultant
Consulting services within project management, construction management and engineering.
Project management and construction management is executed on interdisciplinary projects, which include mechanical, electrical and civil work. Engineering tasks are mainly executed within the mechanical area. The engineering tasks are solved using software from Autodesk (Plant Design Suite 2015 – Premium). The software secure high quality and effective engineering.
Gormsen Vu Consulting APS, Holbæk 2014 – Current.

Design and Build Manager  
Managing the design process, and furthermore supporting, understanding and advising the client as to the necessary requirements. Encouraging and inspiring the designers to produce the best possible technical solutions in a cost-effective way. Ensuring design information is of the right quality and keeps pace with project timescales; and secure to eliminate health and safety risks in the design and financial risks during construction.
DS Flexhal, Albertslund 2018 – Current.

Project Manager / Construction Manager / Mechanical Engineer.
Working within the department global engineering. Execute project management and construction management on interdisciplinary projects and furthermore engineering within the mechanical area.
Chr. Hansen A/S, Avedøre 2015 – 2018.

Project Manager.
Department for modifications – Early phase studies.
Project manager working in the department for modifications. Execute projects a line with Statoil’s project execution model “ARIS”. Work out documentation defining the projects and lead the project team through the project phases. Identify risks and develop strategies to manage them. Work out project descriptions, technical proposals, cost estimates, involvement matrixs, schedules and plans. Defining installation methods and secure compliance with health and safety law (HSE).
Project sizes up till 50 mil. DKK.
Statoil Refining Denmark A/S, Kalundborg 2013 – 2015

Shut Down – May 2013.
Work out a constructability plan and time schedule for a 4 weeks shut down. Execute daily coordination meetings, and work out catch up plans for delayed construction tasks.
Chr. Hansen A/S, Roskilde 2013.

Project Engineer/Piping Designer/Tank Designer.
Freeze-dryer plant / New Vessel T246.
Detail design of process- and utility piping for a plant extension on site Roskilde.
Prepare furthermore material for CR cases. Define the layout regarding new vessel T246, and draw up a 3D Model in AutoCAD.
Chr. Hansen A/S, Roskilde 2013.

Project Engineer/Piping Designer/Tank Designer.
Stability in infant powder.
Expansion of existing process plant. Determine the layout, and perform detail design within the piping discipline. Furthermore estimation of budget prices.
Chr. Hansen A/S, Roskilde 2012 – 2013.

Construction Manager.
Project: CP HPC Expansion 25K Hillerød.
Define the principle for installation and prepare a constructability plan for a complicated process plant extension. Deliver input to time schedule durations for construction works. Execute design review for constructability and give input to the project execution plan. Execute detailed planning of site arrangement in cooperation with the client. Participate in clarification meetings and conduct site visits for bidders. Coordinate contractor’s mobilisation on site and construction site arrangement including water, sewage and power among these temporary site office. Responsible for safety on site and coordinate work between the different contractors and the client. Secure the ongoing production and work out detailed construction time schedules in compliance with the project A schedule. Maintain construction time schedule with progress and work out catch up plans for delayed construction tasks. Review and approve payment requests from contractors and keep track of all payment requests and change orders from contractors. In charge of weekly construction meeting/safety meeting and prepare the summaries. Participate in relevant meetings with the client and provide information to the PM regarding time and economy for controlling and reporting. Secure the implementation of scope changes and amendment notes. During the installation period where there approx. 40 Workers on Site. The project budget were by final settlement 110 million Dkr.
Novo Nordisk A/S, NNE Pharmaplan A/S, Hillerød 2011 – 2013.

Project Manager/ Construction Manager/Engineer.
Project: Novo Bagsværd – 1S, Gea Westfalia Centrifuge FGF21.
Installation of temporary centrifuge. Defining the organisation chart, working with the time schedule and execution of coordination meetings with the project team. Execute all detail design included in the project and participate furthermore in the qualification work.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd 2011.

Construction Manager.
Project: Måløv Building B7 – Punch List.
Responsible for the one-year punch List. Determine solutions for technical problems whit in the civil work area. Hereby modification of laboratories and detail design of slide-profile able to occupy building movements. In charge of meetings with the users of the building, during these meetings was the punch list defined.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Måløv 2011.

Construction Manager.
Project: Novo Bagsværd – 1T, Preparation for extension.
Installation of sheet piling for 1400 m2 building extension and further more Tie in on existing process plant. Among these removal of Solvent vessel and underground acid vessel. Replacement of filter arrangement for waste water and installation of temporary bridge to retain the safety escape way. Is responsible for the safety and execute safety training courses for all workers on Site. In charge of weekly construction meetings inclusive the agenda and the summary. During the installation period where there approx. 10-12 workers on Site, the work scope include mechanical, electrical and civil work.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd 2011.

Construction Manager/Supervisor.
Project: NZNE – Novozymes Blair.
Responsible for preparing process plant modules for transport to Nebraska. Determine the principle for packing and coordinate the task on Site. Have during a period the leadership on Xilun Site and was during this period in charge of handling/approval of the Change orders. Execute supervision at Xilun and Sanan Site, prepare site inspection reports and follow up meetings with the contractors. The task includes furthermore coordination and review of factory acceptance tests (FAT). Have through the task close co-operation with the transport and shipping company. Further more responsible for fabrication work included in change orders, estimation of budget prices, review and modification of existing design. The fabrication work was executed in TEDA and Shanghai area.
NNE Pharmaplan, TEDA/Tianjin, China 2011.

Construction Manager.
Project: NZCB Capacity Boost Project Phase II.
Responsible for the mechanical, electrical and instrument installation contract, the job includes supervision on Site and technical help to the contractor. In charge of weekly construction meetings and preparing the agenda as well as the summary. During the installation period where there approx. 170 mechanical/electrical workers on Site. Participate in work regarding time schedule, here by secure and check progress by the contractor. Responsible for planning the installation work, here by the detail planning of shutdowns incl. coordination with the production. Included in the position is also factory acceptance tests (FAT) and entry commissioning on main equipment. As part of the installation planning have the drawings from NP and vendors partly been reviewed. Execute welding tests and is responsible for the welding documentation. Participate in the planning and coordination of test.
NNE Pharmaplan, Tianjin, China 2010 – 2011.

In charge of Utility Package.
Project: IBUS.
In charge of utility supply to a bioethanol plant. The job include economic responsibility,
Time schedule and determine of concept. Specification of pipe specs, dimension of pipes and pressure drop calculations. Furthermore detail design of cooling water system, superheated/desuperheated steam, condensate and process water. Detail design of 750 meters underground pipe rack. Purchase of major components and equipments, among these titan heat exchangers, sea water pump and filter, water bath desuperheater unit, vessels, valves and instruments. Classification according to pressure equipment directive (PED). Prepare technical documentation regarding CE marking. In charge of site meetings with contractors through the installation period. Participate in test of utility-plants. The budget regarding utility systems were by final settlement approx. 30 million Dkr. Drawings and 3D model made with Microstation and AutoCad.
DongEnergy A/S, Kandlundborg 2008 – 2010.

Piping designer.
Project: SCA steam pipe (1200 M).
Detail design of steam pipe including Steam converter arrangement. Preparing material for licitation, perform calculations and time estimates. Drawings made in AutoCAD.
DongEnergy A/S, Grenå 2007 – 2008.

Senior Piping Engineer.
Project: Statfjord Late Life (Statoil).
Rebuilding of existing Platform “Statfjord C”, among these modification of plant to oily water treatment System. Perform design tasks within the piping discipline. 3D Modelling in Plant Design Management System (PDMS). The job is executed onshore and offshore.
Aker Kvaerner Offshore Partner, Stavanger, Norway 2006 – 2007.

Piping designer.
Project: PIA III.
Perform detail design, layout and piping design regarding mixer tank. 3D layout made in AutoCAD and isometrics generated in AutoPLANT.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Kalundborg 2006.

Project: Rebuilding laminar air flow bench.
Rebuilding of existing design. Perform documentation regarding rebuilding, among these specification of components. Drawings made in AutoCAD.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Gentofte 2006.

Project: Pill freezer.
In charge of detail design of pill freezer. The design is made in co-operation with the users.
The task includes contact to the coming supplier. All drawings are made in AutoCAD.
Chr. Hansen A/S, Roskilde 2005 – 2006.

Project: 1S Stock Tank.
Perform calculations and time estimates. Determine layout for 50 m3 tank. Detail design of steam reduction, piping duct and waste manifold. Specification and purchase of components. The job includes furthermore pressure test, installation qualification and installation test. Drawings made in AutoCAD.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd 2005 – 2006.

Piping designer.
Project: Pfizer.
Design of nine pipe lines. The Drawings was made as hand-isometrics, and the task was handed over to a local contractor. The piping design regarding water for injection was made in AutoPLANT.
Pfizer, Strängnäs, Sweden 2005.

Tank designer/Piping designer.
Project: Additive Plant.
Detail design of two pressure vessels, determine layout and preparation of process & instrument diagrams. Prepare the tender material for the two pressure vessels.
All drawings made in AutoCAD.
Chr. Hansen A/S, Roskilde 2005.

Piping designer/Supervisor.
Project: 1S Kill upgrade.
Preparation of process & instrument diagrams and specification of components. Purchase all components regarding the mechanical area and has the leadership on site. During the installation period were there between 4 and 6 pipe-smith on the case.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd 2005 – 2006.

Project: Biogen.
Inspection of pressure vessels and supervision on pipe work. Prepare a handling and lifting Plan and generate the missing isometrics from the existing pipe model.
Geanne I/S, Søborg 2005.

Tank Designer.
Project: IBP Dual line.
Prepare technical documentation regarding rebuilding of 22 pressure vessels. The project was executed in co-operation with a vessel calculator. Vessels generated in 3D, and placed into the model. Drawings made in AutoCAD.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Kalundborg 2005.

Piping Designer/Tank Designer.
Project: BRA rebuilding.
Specifying components and preparing process & instrument diagrams. Detail design of 15 m3 earth tanks, and furthermore modeling of 3D layout. Isometrics were generated in AutoPLANT.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Gentofte 2005.

Piping Designer/Tank Designer.
Project: HAC-FT4.
Preparing material for licitation regarding a larger plant rebuilding. Detail design of water for injection loop, pressure vessels and clean in place stations. Technical supervisor on site during the entire construction period. Supervision at the subcontractors and estimation of prises.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Gentofte 2004.

Piping Designer.
Project: UHT, Homogenisation, Additive plant.
Establish documentation regarding the expansion of process plant. Perform process flow diagrams and process & instrument diagrams. Prepare a 2D layout in AutoCAD.
Chr. Hansen A/S, Roskilde 2003.

Project: Various antenna constructions.
Measuring sites on Zealand and on Funen. Specifying solutions including determination of layout. Participate in the development of a new antenna construction.
CON-X Engineering A/S, Zealand 2002.

Piping Designer/Tank Designer.
Project: Rebuilding plant 4C.
Detail design of clean in place plant and modification of existing process plant. Furthermore detail design of crystallization tank and the belonging platform. Develop task regarding dosing system for filter unit. Supervisor on site during the entire construction period.
NovoZymes A/S, Bagsværd 2002.

Project: 1T Launch Plant Rebuilding.
Perform plant layout and detail design of pressure tanks, flow plates and various mechanical equipment. In charge of design basis for rebuilding of existing tanks. Pipe design regarding ethanol plant section was made in 2D. Close contact with smiths – and subcontractors during the entire project.
Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd 2001.

Designer/Caseworker (homework).
Project: “Various”.
Construction of steel chimneys and gas duct arrangement for the industry. A big part of the projects are made according to the customer specifications. The job is relatively comprehensive and includes technical clarification with the customer, preparation of drawings for licitation, drawings for approval and documentation basis for production. The documentation is mainly made in English or German. The Design tasks are solved by using the CAD tool HP ME10.
Steelcon Chimney Esbjerg A/S, Jystrup 2000.

Project: “Various”.
Prepare technical documentation for the workshop. Participate in various special and development tasks, among these improvements of existing work routines. Prepare requirement specifications for various CAD support programmes. Perform design of support tools for the production, below here detail design of roller bridge with propulsion. Establish under restructure a new department within the company. The Job gives knowledge of various norms and standards concerning construction. The position comprises also supervision and following up in the production. Act furthermore as backup for the assembly department. All drawings made in CAD-system HP ME10.
Steelcon Chimney Esbjerg A/S, Esbjerg 1994.

CAD operator.
Project: Swimming Stadium Denmark.
Layout drawings for Swimming Stadium Denmark, among these revision of drawings regarding VVS installations. The tasks were performed in AutoCAD POINT and with hand-drawings.
Carl Bro Byg A/S, Esbjerg 1994.

Perform project work within the offshore area, among these preparing documentation of bridge module for Mærsk Oil & Gas A/S. Detail design of walk way, railings and staircases
Drawings made in the CAD system DOGS.
Rambøll Denmark A/S, Esbjerg 1994.

Detail design of racks for life rafts. The task was made for Nordisk Gummibådsfabrik A/S.
The job includes contact with subcontractors and the customer.
All drawings are made in AutoCAD.
Rambøll Denmark A/S, Esbjerg 1994.

CAD operator.
Preparing mounting instructions for kitchen assembly and proposal for packing construction.
Establish various line drawings for product catalogue. Drawings made in AutoCAD.
HTH Køkkerner A/S, Ølgod 1993.

Work within the smith- and engine trades. The Job includes work with plate steel shears, plate bending machine and punching machines.
Fabrikken Asbro APS, Esbjerg 1991.

Smith apprentice.
Work within the smith- and mechanic area. Mainly production of large steel constructions but also repairing outboard motors.
Øsby smedene A/S, Haderslev 1991.